gTLD (generic Top Level Domains) and ccTLD (country code Top Level Domains) domains have slightly different life cycles. In both cases, though, when a domain has been expired after a certain period of time, it will again become available to the public for registration.

IMPORTANT : Stone Hosting do not acceopt any liability whatsoever for an inability to re-new domains which have expired. We will send you up to three emails letting you know your domain needs renewal (if your domain is managed by us ie, registered through us or been transfered to us).

gTLD domain Lifecycle

  1. When your domain’s registration period (0 to 10 years) ends, your domain expires.
  2. When your domain expires, then your domain will cease to work correctly.
  3. After this, for around 45 days (known as the grace period), your domain is still available to you for renewal at the normal charge, although your Stone Hosting invoice will be cancelled after 30 days. If your invoice is cancelled, then you will have to contact us dirctly for help.
  4. After this, your domain enters what is known as the Redemption period (also known as the Pending Delete – Restorable period). The renew a domain that is in Redemption is very expensive (this isn’t our idea, we have to pay a lot of money too!)
  5. After this, you domain enters a Pending Delete period where it is essentially in limbo, until finally…
  6. The domain is dropped by the registry and becomes available for anyone to register again.

.uk domain Lifecycle

  1. When your domain’s registration period (0 to 10 years) ends, your domain expires.
  2. When your domain expires, it will continue to work.
  3. The domain will continue to work for 30 days before being suspended by Nominet.
  4. When your domain is suspended, then it will stop working and your Krystal invoice is cancelled.
  5. You then have 60 more days in which to renew the domain by contacting us directly for help.
  6. After a total of 90 days after expiration, your domain will be dropped and made available to the public for registration.
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