Upload & download files via FileZilla FTP

To upload files to your server (host), the most commonly used method is the File Transfer Protocol (FTP). There are many FTP software that make uploading and downloading files as easy as working in Windows Explorer.

FileZilla is one such free to use FTP software. You need to download FileZilla Client and install it on your computer from where you will be uploading the files to the server. You can download FileZilla Client from here: http://filezilla-project.org/ and follow the instructions to download. After the download is complete, install it.

Now you need to configure your FTP account in FileZilla to upload or download files. The FTP account consists of the Host IP, FTP Username and FTP Password (if you do not have the account details, contact your Stone Hosting). Follow the steps below to configure and connect to your server:

  1. Open the FileZilla application and from the top menu, select File and click on Site Manager (ctrl + S).
  1. In the Site Manager window, click on the New Site button. Enter the name of your site, like Signature Solutions.
  2. Click in the text field for Host and your Host IP, like ftp.signature.co.in
  3. Select Normal from the drop down for Logontype. (You can leave the field for Port empty and Servertype as it is)
  4. In the User text field, enter the FTP Username.
  5. In the Password text field, enter your FTP Password.
  6. Now click on Connect button to establish a connection with your hosting server. If the connection is successful, you should see the status message in the status window as Directory listing successful (see image below).

If the connection is not successful, the status window will show an error message as Could not connect to server. Check if you have entered the details correctly. If you are still unable to connect, contact your web hosting service provider for assistance.

  1. After successfully connecting to the server, FileZilla will list all the files on your computer in the left window and the files on your server in the right window.
  1. To upload files, browse to the destination directory on the server in the right window. Then, browse to the source directory in your computer in left window and select the directories and files that you want to upload to the server. Now right click in the selected area and select Upload.
  1. You should be able to see the upload progress in the bottom window.
  2. To download files, select the destination directory from the left window and the source directories & files from the right window, right-click on the the selection and select Download.
  3. Files related to your website is kept under public_html, www or documents directory.
  4. Always remember to Disconnect after you finish the upload or download. To disconnect, select Server from the top menu and click on Disconnect (ctrl + D).
  5. To connect again, go to Site Manager (ctrl + S), select the account and click on the Connect button.

Info from http://echopx.com/how-to/upload-download-files-via-filezilla-ftp

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