WHOIS privacy goes by many names – ID Protect, WHOIS Opt-Out etc., but essentially it means the same thing. Removing the domain registrant’s (the owner) details from public view.


Applying WHOIS privacy at the time of registration


When you purchase/register a domain you are given the option of adding ID Protection. This essentially hides the registrant details from public view.


Applying WHOIS privacy after registration or applying WHOIS privacy to .uk domains


If you wish to retrospectively apply WHOIS privacy (ID Protection) to a domain after registration/renewal, or you wish to apply it to a .uk domain name, then you must raise a support request. We will create an invoice if necessary and then make the changes for you.


Special note for .uk domains¬†: Nominet’s (Nominet are the legally appointed authority for .uk domain names) terms state that only non-commercial domains can be opted-out of the WHOIS database. If your website is monetised in any way, then we will be unable to opt it out of Nominet’s WHOIS service.

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