Your hosting plan can be upgraded at any time via your admin area (not your cPanel account).

Any remaining time left on your current plan is taken into account when calculating the upgrade/downgrade price, so you don’t lose out.

Upgrades from a Hosting Plan for example (SOLO, TEAM or PRO) to another Standard Plan, or from a Business Plan (Small Business, Business Pro) to another Business Plan are nearly instant and do not incur any downtime or disruption. NOTHING actually changes within your cPanel account so there is NO DISRUPTION Рwe simply adjust the quotas, limits and features applied to your plan.

Upgrades between Hosting, VPS, and Dedicated Plans involve moving your cPanel account to a different platform and will, therefore, be carried out by a technician at a mutually convenient time to be agreed with you – if you purchase this kind of upgrade, please raise a support ticket to begin the process.


Step 1 – choose your service

Step 2 – choose which plan to upgrade

Select the hosting account you want to upgrade, and click the MANAGE button.

Step 3 – choose to upgrade

  1. Click the Upgrade menu item on the left.
  2. Then, choose the package you wish to upgrade to (the billing period will remain fixed – if you wish to change this, please contact support)
  3. Then click the UPGRADE PACKAGE button on the right to be taken through the normal payment system.
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